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Past comments:

Submitted by Howie Gordon on Jan 3, 2008
Wishing you the best of luck and wishes for an excellent reunion. My only other wish is that I could be there with you.
Aleh vehagshem
Howie Gordon
Kibbutz Tzora
Submitted by Gregory Warren on Nov 11, 2007
very excited by this memorable event.I look forwrd to meeting many old chaverim at the re-union
Submitted by Rafi Weiner on Nov 10, 2007
What a wonderful website!! Many fond memories were recalled as I saw the photos of the good old days.What great times we had!
Submitted by Gregory Warren on Nov 10, 2007
Submitted by Lynn Foster on Oct 23, 2007
lets all hear news, views, suggestions etc.
Who is coming ?
Lynn Foster and Ivan Strous - Durban
Submitted by Ziona Agulnik on May 7, 2007
Hi movement members from Rondebosch In the Cape
from the years 1957- 1964 Any one rember Ziona
(Zinky)Nee Wolffe
Submitted by eli krain on Feb 21, 2007
remember me??
Submitted by Nadya Isack on Sep 17, 2006
It is such a pity that no more people have signed the guestbook.
Submitted by Howie Gordon on Nov 4, 2005
Shalom Chaverim
I am looking for photos from the different reunions worldwide to put up on this website. If you pics that were taken please send them to me and I will post them onto this site. Please label them in the file name.
Send to
Howard Gordon
Submitted by Gillian Davis on Aug 17, 2005
Hi all the S.A. Habonimites from Jo'burg who might've attended the Bonim Seminar 1956 in Meyerton, Transvaal Shomrim Seminar 1957 at Krugersdorp High School, Transvaal Shomrim Seminar at Traub's farm in Springs 1958, Stellenbosch Machaneh (Shomrim) 1957, Leaches Bay Machaneh 1958-1960 inclusive as Shomrim. Also from Jo'burg's Gedud Ruth 1955 - '56 (Madrichim Frankie Targowsky and Ruth Kretzmer), Jo'burg Chaverah Shalom 1957 - 1961 (Madrich "Pants" Harry Pantanowitz) Wonderful times!!
Gillian Davis (nee Bernstein)
Houston, Texas, USA.
Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 4, 2005
I am living in London and it is with regret that I cannot be part of the reunions. Great job and well done.
Submitted by brandon salk on Jun 9, 2005
attended camp 92 amelim and sollelim 93 pity the picture is blurred cant see myself in any of the group photos .photos are not marked which ones are sollelim 93 and amelim 92 group photos
Submitted by Danny Keet on Jun 7, 2005
Wow !
What a blast, what a revelation, what a journey back in time !!!
And the best is yet to come - 30 June at Yizreel
The anticipation is tangible
Submitted by Teddy Cohen on May 27, 2005
I would like to ask Joe Mankowitz ( rosh of Bonim Seminar Radnor 1964 ) for an extension of time in the late submission of my STA PROJECT entitled " tower and stockade settlement circa 1939 " I am still waiting for the WOOD to arrive from Lebanon.
Submitted by Anonymous on May 27, 2005
amazing memories of my old collar and taaitjie as well as the endless debates on the
meaning of life and who to ask to accompany you on shmira .Teddy Cohen ( me goodness we're getting on )
Submitted by Anonymous on May 27, 2005
Baitjie ou baitjie ou baitjie, waar is your collar and your taitjie, if you haven't got a collar and a taaitjie, you won't go to haeven when you daaitjie.
Submitted by Anonymous on May 27, 2005
so sorry i cannot be at the reunion.
i will however be at the maccabi games playing bowls at either raanana or ramat gan from 10-20 july and would love to meet up with some of my old friends.
van die beste.
unky zangwill
Submitted by Anonymous on May 26, 2005
Submitted by Ian Joseph on May 25, 2005
I spent most of today browsing through the website and reading various articles. A great piece of work and great use of the technology. Keep up the good work!
Ian Joseph
Submitted by Wayne Sussman on May 10, 2005
Margie Goss from Tel Aviv writes
"close the doors, they're coming in the windows -
close the windows they're coming through the doors -
close the doors, they're coming in the windows -
close the windows they're coming through the doors
Submitted by Anonymous on May 8, 2005
The website is really good and I love seeing all the pictues - I will submit more pictures soon.
Hope to hear from ex Habonim members who went on Machon Hachoref at the end of 1966 -Wishes
Maxine Boyd (nee Epstein) of Camps Bay
Submitted by Joel Linton on May 7, 2005
Howzit all -- what a lekker site and such a great idea. Kol Hakavod to the team who put this together. Such memories ... so many chinas to find ... "kiss me goodnight Terry Kessel, tuck me in my sleeping bag ...." what memories ... lasting friendships and now a convenient place to find everyone. Goldie .. get active !! Need to find the pics and post them ... remember the fire ? we kipped in the church in Hermanus !! take care all and best wishes
Submitted by Wayne Sussman on May 3, 2005
Eddie Solow from Yizreel send this message about the reunion on Yizreel "Everyone who was ever in habo is very excited about the reunion.I don't know
of anybody who won't be coming"
Submitted by Wayne Sussman on Apr 28, 2005
Kenny Malkin from Canada sent this message "Greetings and best wishes for a happy and successful reunion. Sorry I cant be there to join in all the fun. Those years were inspirational and emotional. Life Long Friendships were formed."
Submitted by David Mendelsohn on Apr 28, 2005
I am thrilled to be reuniting with old Habonimniks
Submitted by Dave Bloom on Apr 24, 2005
Hey Wayne, Dorron and everyone involved in getting this website off the ground - congrats on an excellent have found some real gems of material...kol hakavod ! I was involved in Habonim in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe in mid 1960s to early 70s and look forward to connecting with chaverim....Dave Bloom, Kochav Yair, Israel
Submitted by harold roy on Apr 23, 2005
Hi everyone -just logged in saw some old names
I will be spending time here
Great memories

Harold roy
Submitted by harold roy on Apr 23, 2005
Submitted by Wayne Sussman on Apr 22, 2005
Message from Stanely Lewis in London " I received the notification of Habonim in South Africa celebrating its 75th year.  I was a member of the Habonim movement in Wynberg, Cape Town, during the 30's and reflect with pride and pleasure on the achievements and the movement throughout the years.
It was unifying, instructive, enjoyable - and a movement in which all of us found tremendous satisfaction and felt proud to be a member.  I am sure that it has contributed materially to the vibrancy of the Zionist movement in South Africa.
Every good wish and we wish for a successful occasion and regret not being able to participate as we live in London."
Submitted by Wayne Sussman on Apr 22, 2005
Peter Stern confirms the origin of the nickname for his father Bertie "Thats the story I know....Having walked the Muizenberg beach with him many times over the years , I can vouch for the loping gait.."
Submitted by Talya Ressel on Apr 22, 2005
Well done on a great site, looking forward to getting in touch with some old friends. I'll forever remember habo...thats where me and my husband met, kissed in shtilim glade and fell in love!!
Keep well all
Submitted by Justine Williams on Apr 21, 2005
From long drops to an incredible website - who ever would have thought!

Thanks for the amazing memories
Submitted by Eric Hassall on Apr 21, 2005
I was a member of the 'Hub Club' from 1961 thro 1967, in Rhodesia and South Africa. I attended the first Onrust Camp [?1965] - Jules Browde was Rosh Machaneh. Habonim was undoubtedly the single most important influence in my teenage life - many of my madrichim and madrichot were university students involved in some way in the anti-apartheid movement. Our 'heroes' were Martin Luther King and Abba Eban - two of the most eloquent idealists of the times. Habonim was my introduction to what was happening in the world, and how to think critically about it ['Conviction and action' - powerful stuff for those times]. It was also my introduction to such fabulous people, many of whom became life-long friends. How wonderful to be able to re-live some of those times thro this website, and perhaps re-connect with people!
Submitted by Shirley Atlas on Apr 21, 2005
I am filled with nostalgia looking through the photos and articles - kol hakavod - what an amazing website!! Memories are flooding back........
Shirley Atlas (Lanesman)
Submitted by Wayne Sussman on Apr 20, 2005
Message from Jonni Swerdlow-"I spent most of yesterday trawling through the web site. What a great job you guys have done!! It is fantastic to see how your generation has embraced a technology that we couldn't even dream of back in the day of snail mail, and put it to incredible use.
Keep up the good work, fight the good fight and "stay forever young"."
Submitted by Wayne Sussman on Apr 18, 2005
How Bertie "The Sandpiper" Stern, the former Manhig obtained his name, from David Kaplan..."Another bloke, Gaby Heimovitz, a youngster at the time -1940's - relates that a sandpiper is a bird that walks up and down the sand at the beach. And that is precisely what Berti used to do at Machaneh, loved walking up and down the beach. There u have it!!!!!"
Submitted by Howie Gordon on Apr 9, 2005
Submitted by Evelyn Lever on Apr 8, 2005
Trying to contact the following poeople to send them a friends of habonim form. Can anyone help with email adresses or telephone numbers:
Leon Davis - Israel
Steven Joffe
Howard Blumberg -segan rosh with Stephen Pincus
Chavi Aronowitz - South Africa
Brian Gering - Australia
Anthony Cohen - Perth
Jonny Cohen - South Africa
Joanne Shmulian - London
Submitted by danielle hammar on Apr 3, 2005
hey...wat a blast from the past to see some of these pictures
looking forward to the 75th anniversary, dani hammar
Submitted by Lindi Rudnicki on Apr 1, 2005
Howzit everyone. This website is awesome. Looking through all those amazing pics brought back brilliant memories. Keep up the good work.
Submitted by Howie Gordon on Mar 27, 2005
This site is well layed out and clear and it knocks Habonim Dror Alumni into a new era. I look forward to catching up with ex chaverim that I know from the different generations.
Keep up the good work.
Nice to see a dream become a reality.
Aleh v'hagshem
Howie Gordon
Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 27, 2005
well done Gadi Cohen and Doron Isaacs on an outstanding site and all those you helped,
Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 26, 2005
A very impressive site; keep up the good work!

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