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Machaneh Reunion

Download the Machaneh form now!

Download the Machaneh form now!

What have people said so far?

  • "A great idea!"

  • "I just got to come and I'm gonna book a ticket now."

  • "What a wonderful idea!"

  • "YAY!!!! This sounds so exciting, I am besides myself….."

  • "it's a brilliant idea"

  • "This sounds phenomenal"

  • "My husband and I are wanting to go on the weekend with our family.

    We met at Habonim camp in 1988/89. We would like to book a chalet and will come

    with our three boys - one aged 6, 4 and a baby (due in October!)." ( certainly youngest to ever attend machaneh)

  • " I am working on the assumption that the very strict sleeping arrangements which were enforced between the years 1963 - 1973 will be re-applied, namely that boys are in boys tents and girls are in girls tents? However, I am willing to share a tent with anyone who shared my sleeping bag between the years 1963 -1972."

The following people have expressed interested in coming:

  1. Allan Goldstein
  2. Adam Sack
  3. Aimée Friederich
  4. Alan and Susie Browde
  5. Alan Swerdlow
  6. Ally Getz
  7. Andy Taub and husband Alan DaCosta
  8. Anthony Rosmarin
  9. Asher & Felicity Klavansky
  10. Barbara & Robbie  Friedman
  11. Bella Benyehudahpob
  12. Boris Gremont
  13. Brett Caminsky
  14. Carol Serwator Lief & children
  15. Cathy Barnett
  16. Chantal Valentine
  17. Charles Gurland
  18. Daniel Mackintosh
  19. Darren Lieman
  20. Dave Bloom
  21. Dave Fisher, wife Brenda and kids
  22. David Abramowitz
  23. David Shimkins
  24. Debbie Becker
  25. Debbie Jowell
  26. Debbie Rubin (nee Wiesenbacher)
  27. Eric & Mireille Levenstein and sons.
  28. Eric Hassel
  29. Errol Anstey & family two children
  30. Estelle Geva
  31. Felicity Dirmeik
  32. Greg Warren
  33. Hilary & Ian Meyer
  34. Howie Gasman
  35. Ian & Ilana Lucas
  36. Ian Maltz and wife.
  37. Ida Brolly
  38. Idafay Mervis and son Jonathan
  39. Ilan Elkaim
  40. Ilan Pillemer
  41. Ivan Strous
  42. Joel Back
  43. Jonathan and Felicity Swerdlow
  44. Joshua and Kary
  45. Justine Moyles
  46. Justine Williams (nee Tucker)
  47. Kim Davidoff
  48. Laura Dison
  49. Lindi Rudnicki
  50. Lynn Foster (nee Rosenbaum)
  51. Marcelle & Jonathan Biderman- Pam
  52. Melissa Bortz
  53. Mervyn Taub
  54. Mervyn Trappler
  55. Michelle Leon (nee Hellman)
  56. Mike Emanuel
  57. Mike Emanuel
  58. Moira (Lazarus)& Victor Benigsohn
  59. Moira Belikoff
  60. Motti Lewis and Linda Taub
  61. Natalie and Michael Narunsky
  62. Nee Isabele Silver
  63. Philip Melmed
  64. Ralph Cilevitz
  65. Renee (Lidsky) & Simmy Kaufman
  66. Renée Bishop (nee Jacobs)
  67. Robbie Pillemer
  68. Rodger Meyer
  69. Ronnie Scheurenberg
  70. Seligman family
  71. Sheryl & Raymond Schkolne & family
  72. Sheryl Ginsburg
  73. Sion and Janet Gelgor & sons
  74. Susan (de Jong) Lazarus
  75. Tanya Kovarsky (married now)

But wait! You too can be cool like this people on this list! Download the Machaneh form now!

Letter from the Commitee

Yes, our first Habonim Dror Reunion in South Africa is really happening and its one of the most exciting events in our South African Habo history. Over the years Habonim graduates have not only taken their place in global society but have excelled in so many ways that proves that we are not just a Youth movement, an “aliyah machine” or a great way to meet friends and partners for life!!

Habonim Dror has inspired value-based leadership skills and creativity in individuals who have gone on to lead the world and touch lives in so many spheres, that to name but a few would seem like bragging !

We are so proud to be graduates of this dynamic movement, embracing the changes in society and the environment around us, and watching new generations of chaverim enjoy the camaraderie, ruach and exploration of issues and challenges, fills us with hope and pride in the legacy we pass on.

We may be “graduates” but we live with the ideals and friendships forever. Everyone still knows someone with whom they went to Machaneh; we meet years later and relate as if it were yesterday, and even for those who were not close, the bond is always there, bringing us homeward to Onrus Machaneh.

We are thrilled that you will be with us on this adventure and we look forward to sharing some campfire time and cup or two of hot cocoa (and marshmallows!!)

Memories will always linger…let’s make some new ones together.


Habonim Dror Reunion Committee.

Hilary Meyer
Chairperson of Reunion Weekend Committee
(see if you can find her in the other picture too)

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