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  1. Celebrations in Israel
  2. Celebrations in South Africa
  3. Celebrations in Toronto (updated 30/05)
  4. Celebrations in Vancouver (update 22/06)

Other Attractions Coming:

  1. 75th Anniversary Video
    A documentary film chronicling the achievements of Habonim.

  2. 75th Anniversary Exhibition
    An exhibition featuring personalities from Habonim's history.

Events Already Held:

The current madrichim of the movement attended a 75th Anniversary ideological conference (Veida) at the Habonim Campsite. Prof Giddi Shimoni provided stimulating lectures to enhance the debate. Jules Browde joined the chevre around the campsite to sing old Habonim songs. The well-attended conference was a huge success.

What Can You do to HELP?

  1. Be at one of the celebratory events!
  2. Donate through the Habonim Dror Foundation section of this website to help us fund all these fantastic activities.
  3. Join a committee and help organise the celebrations.
  4. If you live in another country, get together with friends and organize a celebration / reunion for Habonim SA people living in your country.

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