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Read Neville Sweijd's report back about the event!
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Take a look at who attended the reunion at Onrus.

STOP PRESS! We are already planning another reunion in 2010 for
Habonim's 80th Anniversary, close to the 2010 World Cup.

There have been 2109691 hits to this site since 20 April, 2005.

Check out the new Machon Makhzor Kaf (1957-58) website from Joan Catzel!

1980 TV INTERVIEW then Mazkir Stephen Pincus and Shaliach Uzi Benshalom

Calling all Memoribilia
If you have any old tochnit books, shironim or merchandise
and would like to add it to the website or handover to the movement
please contact Wayne Sussman on

New Photo Links
Southern Africa Jewish Genealogy Habonim Photos
Garin Lahav and others


New Photos in:


Howie Gordon: Wishing you the best of luck and wishes for an excellent reunion. My only other wish is that I could be there with you. Aleh vehagshem Howie Gordon Kibbutz Tzora... (more)
Gregory Warren: very excited by this memorable event.I look forwrd to meeting many old chaverim at the re-union
Rafi Weiner: What a wonderful website!! Many fond memories were recalled as I saw the photos of the good old days.What great times we had!
Gregory Warren:
Ziona Agulnik: Hi movement members from Rondebosch In the Cape from the years 1957- 1964 Any one rember Ziona (Zinky)Nee Wolffe
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Alan Swerdlow

Dates Unknown
South Africa

Hannah Engelman

From '62 to '70

Hymie Negin

From '51 to '64

Welcome to a new chapter in the history of Habonim South Africa! As we look back on 75 glorious years, we see the importance in connecting the past to the present, in bringing ex-members closer to the movement and each other and in recreating some of that old Habonim magic. That's what this website it about.

Sign up so that you are part of our database and then others will reconnect with you. (Signing up and logging on will also give you full access to the site.) You will enjoy the generational picture album, the archive of historical documents and writings, the new Aleh Magazine and a window onto the Habonim of today. Also, you can leave your mark on this website by writing an article, expressing yourself in the forum section or by adding a picture to the album.

We are also using this site to showcase the efforts of the Habonim Dror Foundation which aims to secure the movement for the next 75 years.

Help us out, e-mail a friend and tell them about this site, make it your homepage and submerge yourself in those youthful days once more.

Welcome and Enjoy!

Neil Horwitz ('75-'85) Tue 19th
Jillian Bracha ('68-'75) Tue 19th
Neil Horwitz ('31-'30) Tue 19th
Alan Roup ('52-'60) Tue 19th
Alan Roup ('52-'60) Tue 19th
Paul Browde ('68-'80) Tue 19th
Penny Toubkin Wed 20th
lawrence barris ('98-'76) Wed 20th
Ruth Chemel ('58-'68) Wed 20th
Elaine Eitzman ('53-'62) Wed 20th
kelly soller/cranko ('31-'30) Wed 20th
neal landsberg ('66-'30) Wed 20th
Paul Amit Thu 21st
Joan Weisman ('60-'70) Thu 21st
Milton Kaplan ('59-'73) Fri 22nd
selwyn epstein ('59-'67) Fri 22nd
Saul Behr ('85-'95) Sat 23rd
Nicky Moss Sat 23rd
Joel Linton ('60-'72) Sat 23rd
Cyril Morris ('35-'73) Sat 23rd
Adam Wagenheim ('95-'06) Sat 23rd
Itay Ziv Sun 24th
Lesley Abelsohn ('67-'71) Sun 24th
Tammy Glick Sun 24th
Pam Naumann ('66-'68) Sun 24th
judy renfield ('80-'97) Sun 24th
('31-'30) Sun 24th
Gabrielle Aizenman Mon 25th
Riva Morris Mon 25th
Warren Stein Tue 26th
Felicity Kassel Tue 26th
Barry Epstein ('58-'76) Tue 26th
Stanley Harris Tue 26th
Channi Hurwitz Tue 26th
Debby Edelstein ('77-'82) Tue 26th
David Lanesman ('61-'79) Wed 27th
michael maxwell ('60-'66) Wed 27th
Hazel Goldstein ('64-'73) Wed 27th
Clifford Giesenow ('88-'92) Thu 28th
Moshe Singer Thu 28th
Anthony Hollis ('70-'80) Fri 29th
Margaret Goss ('54-'56) Fri 29th
Hilary Jaffe Sat 30th
Denis Sandler ('68-'70) Sat 30th
Natalie Gordon ('51-'55) Sat 30th
Beulah Goodman ('58-'65) Sat 30th
Tamara Levy ('47-'58) Sat 30th
Caren Rudman ('75-'81) Sat 30th
Michal Katz ('90-'92) Sun 31st
Greta Ronthal Sun 31st
Tanya Kovarsky ('86-'97) Sun 31st
Estelle Geva ('69-'74) Mon 1st
Stephen Pincus ('70-'80) Mon 1st
Itzhak Kalmanowitz ('47-'63) Mon 1st
Steve Sherman ('81-'04) Mon 1st
('48-'62) Mon 1st
David Abramowitz ('82-'97) Mon 1st
alon bricker ('78-'84) Mon 1st
Martin Kagan ('31-'30) Tue 2nd
Justine Williams ('88-'94) Wed 3rd
Avron Moss ('51-'64) Wed 3rd
Gillian Benatar ('60-'70) Wed 3rd
Michael Salant ('66-'75) Wed 3rd
Benjy Danilowitz Wed 3rd
Anthea Kadman ('88-'98) Wed 3rd
Howard Kreiner ('81-'88) Wed 3rd
Deanna Stein ('73-'88) Wed 3rd
Zohar Levitan ('57-'66) Wed 3rd
Martin Kagan ('57-'71) Wed 3rd
Howard Kreiner ('80-'89) Wed 3rd
Richard Lasker ('67-'76) Wed 3rd
Allan Kacev ('56-'70) Wed 3rd
n n ('50-'65) Wed 3rd
Leon Epstein ('52-'58) Wed 3rd
Zohar Levitan ('50-'64) Wed 3rd
Lawrence Shaw ('77-'82) Wed 3rd
Richard Lasker ('31-'30) Wed 3rd
Zohar Levitan ('50-'64) Wed 3rd
Ami Mendelsohn ('57-'69) Thu 4th
Walter Kahn ('78-'84) Thu 4th
arnold friedman ('48-'56) Thu 4th
('31-'30) Thu 4th
Asher Klawansky ('57-'74) Thu 4th
Bentley Novis ('49-'63) Fri 5th
Bentley Novis ('49-'63) Fri 5th
LARRY MILLER ('66-'78) Fri 5th
idan ben shalom ('79-'81) Fri 5th
Barry Kornel ('64-'67) Sat 6th
Lieske & Phil Bloom Sat 6th
Aryeh Haimovitz ('63-'73) Sat 6th
Carmen Arenson ('50-'60) Sat 6th
NINA Damari ('66-'75) Sat 6th
Geoffrey Boner ('55-'59) Sat 6th
Benita Friedlander Sun 7th
hillel rom ('60-'69) Sun 7th
Adam Baldinger ('97-'05) Sun 7th
Joe Bute ('99-'00) Sun 7th
Vaughn Seid Mon 8th
Gary Kotton ('89-'92) Mon 8th
Mark Barr ('63-'73) Mon 8th
('31-'30) Mon 8th
Mavis Howff ('35-'38) Mon 8th
Mavis Wolff ('35-'38) Mon 8th
Jeffrey Langford ('87-'94) Tue 9th
Rene Ben-Dor ('75-'85) Tue 9th
Zipora Bergman ('59-'64) Tue 9th
Alec Sadowsky ('40-'57) Tue 9th
eli krain ('93-'99) Tue 9th
Tracy Karp ('85-'95) Wed 10th
Julian Judelman ('59-'63) Wed 10th
Brett Sussman ('80-'87) Thu 11th
Brett Sussman ('80-'87) Thu 11th
Jerome Ment ('80-'90) Thu 11th
Ronit Segerman ('69-'83) Thu 11th
Davide Hanan Fri 12th
Gabriel Koz ('45-'58) Fri 12th
Leslie Serebro ('34-'44) Fri 12th
darryl galleymore ('65-'75) Sat 13th
Ian Katz ('70-'80) Sun 14th
Linda Newstead ('62-'66) Sun 14th
raelle dorfan ('93-'93) Sun 14th
Sydney Lossin ('46-'48) Sun 14th
Neil Jaffe Mon 15th
Roy Blachowitz ('75-'84) Mon 15th
Wendy Chen ('72-'80) Tue 16th
Wendy Chen ('74-'80) Tue 16th
Jonathan Lourie Tue 16th
Alan Katz ('68-'80) Tue 16th
Annette Samuelson ('56-'66) Tue 16th
Lee Smith ('90-'00) Tue 16th
Estelle Olstein ('31-'30) Tue 16th

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